Sunday, May 16, 2010

Why does every sentence I end for the last 11 years end with, get me the crazy glue?

Ok so here is a known fact about children. They break things. The term "baby proofing" to me simply means moving everything breakable out of the way because one too many things were grabbed and "accidentally" broken.

I figured ok the first year or two not bad...and when you have twins do not double the amount of things that will be broken...quadruple it. They will do their own thing and break things by themselves and then team up together and find a whole other realm of things to break.

I mean toys would just look like a lawn mower got a hold of them...and even now a picture frame is found hidden in a corner because someone is afraid that I will scream that it was broken since it was a Christmas present.

I rarely scream over anything but huge messes anymore. Not worth my time. I very often find a pile of shirts, pants and other items needing to be sewn. At times like that I am honestly pleased that my mother taught me how to mend clothing as I am certain it has undoubtedly saved me hundreds of dollars over the years.

However when it comes to toys I find that a needle and thread very often are not enough. It is at that point I am fond of the invention of crazy glue. It holds everything together. Including my sanity of not having to run out and buy something to replace what was broken!

So for the last 11 years I swear to you, I end at least one sentence a day with;"where is the crazy glue?"

Always keep at least two containers handy. It will definitely be worth it!

Days to go 362
Entries to go 361

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