Thursday, May 20, 2010


Forget the husband..that is a permanent pet..

As the twins have gotten older pets have remained a fixture with the exception of 4 years that I lived in a townhouse and no pets were allowed other than fish or birds.

Speaking of fish...

Here is why I do not have fish now...other than the black molly that had a massive amount of babies that lead to a 55 gallon tank.

So here is the story...Sebastian and Zoe were 3. I was about two months away from moving in with my current husband Ken. I was on the phone talking to Ken, turned around and there were bubbles coming out of the filter. Sebastian had grabbed the dish soap and put it in the tank. I screamed...hung up on Ken...and Seb looked at me and said...but Mommy...the fish needed a bath! They were dirty!

Every fish was dead within a matter of minutes. The last to die was a goldfish and the only thing to survive was a crab.

Now we have two cats, a dog and two gerbils...and a kitten on the way...NO FISH....

Days to go 358
Entries to go 357

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