Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The amount of time dictates parenting style

I mean who writes these books anyway....must breast feed, must bond, must hold and rub a lot during the first few months because you will not bond. After all...those 9 months of them hearing your heart beat, moving completely in sync with you...mean nothing. You MUST hold the child or children non stop or you are a bad mother.

Now if you have a book like this I suggest the following.....Contact the publisher and tell them that you really are going to boycott this book and possibly any future books published by them since they prefer nonsense. Then burn the book.

If you want to think that you are going to be a bad parent, well guess what...no one is perfect and other than do not beat, starve, or overall neglect your children....really no one has the one correct way to raise a child other than love.

Bouncy seats and baby swings were my best friends until the twins could feed themselves in a high chair. I opted to NOT breast feed. They came home eating 4 ounce bottles...doing that to me was just NOT a good idea.

I would try to time it so one child ate 15 minutes earlier than the other one. That way I could have one in a bouncy seat or swing keeping him or her calm at the moment. If for some reason I was not done with the first twin when the other chimed up...they screamed for a few minutes. Guess what..never killed them. One of them and two of me meant someone was going to wait and it was never going to be me. I had to stay alert and focused. I became and still am like a drill sergeant in so many ways. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes and bottles filled with water waiting for powder formula were all lined up in the AM.

This way it was clean focus and try to relax in between the madness.

The first three months with twins will make you cry...just a fact people...do not feel bad for crying...or walking away for a moment when they start screaming at the same time to regain composure.

All parents are calm with one child screaming....two or more can be harrowing.

Somewhere around three months there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The screaming stops, they start doing things and you start to breathe and think...ok I might survive...

Think again..you are sucked in...you just got a minor reprieve is all....lol

Days to go 360
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