Monday, May 17, 2010

Today I feel like a responsible adult

When I was 25 and had the twins I still had not grown out of the the bill is just an idea that I should pay it. That the yellow notice is what you are looking for.

Yeah...funny how electricity and hot water help with raising kids.

So 11 years ago as I finally began to pay bills on time and getting my life in order I remember a phone call I received when the twins were about to be born. It was from my ex boyfriend Marc Yost. We had bought a house together. He then decided that I was a punching bag, and I ran for my life..quite literally.

He defaulted on the loan and well this being before the time that banks had to help you...he lost the house.

The phone calls was basically him still abusing me in one form or another saying it was my fault and my responsibility to deal with it all.


So now as I fill out forms for camp, and pay the gas bill at 11pm at night since it was due today. I am thankful that I did wake up and learn.

Days to go 360
Entries to go 359

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