Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wow Summer is here and with that brings.....

Camp...You know being a mom of twins the first time I sent the twins to camp it was the local community center and girl scout camp. I never sent them together. Just never felt the need.

Another mother of twins has said to me and I quote"you are raising them like they are just a normal brother and sister and if they argue like that then something is wrong with them and you." Really because you have the book on how to do this properly?? I must have missed that parenting memo at the local meeting we have every month.

Camp has now progressed to their sports and a continuation of them. No more bug bites..but a helmet to the gut or a stunt gone wrong is far worse than a bee sting in this house.

The other down side is that these camps cost more. The upside is that both kids continue with sports in hopes that it will provide them leverage when it comes to college. Notice I am more concerned with college. So for now I will gladly go broke over camp, and sending them separately....and no I do not thinking raising twins like normal children is wrong...anyone who does or questions my parenting style is more than welcome to open a nice debate.

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