Saturday, June 5, 2010

More and more children

So have you ever noticed when you work with kids that in some way you become more attached to others than you ever intended? 4 years ago I made the decision to become a school bus driver. It was made because I needed a well paying job that could be flexible to my needs as a mom and the wife of a disabled man. It has been that and more.

When I got my bus route I was told that there were some issues. I noticed as I was learning the route from my sister in law who also used to work for the same company that many of the freshmen sat in the way back and the upper classmen sat up front.

So for the first week all was calm and fine. I then had to put the twins on the bus. Someone made the horrific mistake of spraying perfume on the bus and Sebastian's asthma flared up and we wound up in the ER. The next morning, fuming I then wrote up as many as I could figure were involved. The next two weeks were horrific..and if any of the seniors that just graduated tell you any differently, feel free to laugh at them. Food all over the place, friends on and off of the bus, jumping from seat to seat and screaming at the top of their lungs.

Finally, exasperated beyond all means I pulled over. I stood up and informed them that I was not only going to be the bus driver for the rest of this year, but the next year as well. That they had a decision to make. To either learn to get along with me now, or next year, but in the end I was going to win. Later that week my children were on the bus again and they asked to go sit in the back with the freshmen. I asked if the kids could sit back there and they all smiled and said yes. Somehow them seeing me as a mom, and not their bus driver changed them in my eyes and them in mine. They learned that I cared about their safety at all times and that I had a very odd sense of humor that lead to me often making odd faces at drivers when they ticked me off and got in my way while trying to do my job.

There are many funny stories I could tell you about the class of 2010. However, I want to tell you about how special they all are. About my friend Kelsey who I am sure has enriched my life in so many ways I have yet to discover. How when I saw them at the stop smiling to get on and the smile was meant for me and they had something funny to tell me it made my morning and day.

Not once did I ever overstep my boundaries with the kids and involve them in my life. Kelsey though was always different. She became the twins babysitter and from there friend to us all. She has rescued me when Ken was sick and I had nowhere else to turn, and has made my life simpler in so many ways.

I think because I followed this class through it was hard for me to say goodbye. To not see them all come fall will hurt just a bit. However, now that the boundaries of school do not exist I hope to follow many of them through facebook as they all grow and learn even more.

So, to the BVT Senior class of 2010 on VT6. I am proud of you all. Thank you for making my job a good experience as opposed to what it could have been. Thank you for making days brighter and looking at me and realizing that I was more than the person behind the wheel of the school bus and that I do care if you are all alive at the end of the day.

To Kelsey, a very special thank you for becoming part of my family. We will all always love you and be there for you.

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